List an event

The Waimate District Council want to help event organisers reach more people, both locally and outside of the District.

The majority of events held here are organised by hard working volunteers.  Offering free promotional services is a way the Council can support the volunteers and organisers that bring people into the Waimate District.

A public event includes, but is not limited to, sports events, expos, public talks, fundraising events, workshops, conferences and open days.

Get started

In order to list your event you need to contact the Waimate Information Centre with all the relevant details of your event: date and time, contact details, social media or website links, a poster or photos.  

Ideally this information will be sent via email, but you can call them at any time to discuss:

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
Public holidays CLOSED
P.   +64 3 689 7771
A.  15 Paul Street, Waimate 7924
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How we help

The Waimate Promotions team can help promote your event in the following ways:


Create a free listing for your event on the Explore Waimate District website

The events section is one of the highest traffic areas on the Explore Waimate District website.  

We ask for either your marketing poster, or some images of your event to add to this section of the website.

You can check it out here.


Add your event to the 'Waimate Calendar of Events' email list

This email goes out weekly to subscribers,   I-Sites, schools, tourism operators, local accommodation providers and more.

If you’d like to receive this email get in touch with the Information Centre:

P.   +64 3 689 7771
Send email


Promote your event via the Explore Waimate social media pages

We regularly post to Facebook about upcoming events.  Our Facebook page has over 1,450 followers, and our reach often exceeds this number. 

We also love a good story.  If there’s something about your event that you think local people would be interested to find out about, then we could work together to write a blog.  

Check out other event blogs here.


Promote your event to visitors to the Information Centre

Drop off flyers, posters and other marketing material and we can distribute these to visitors.

Paid social media ad campaigns

If you wish to reach more people than you would organically on a Facebook or Instagram post, we can run an ad campaign for you.  Facebook and Instagram ads are cheap and effective, we can target exactly who you want to see your ad.  The minimum budget depends on your targeting, but we can run a local ad for as little as $30.  If you wish to discuss paid social media ads please mention this to the Information Centre team and we’ll be in touch.