Waimate District has a range of hunting opportunities that can be accessed on Department of Conservation land or through private shoots.  Wild game in the Hunters Hills includes wallabies, rabbits, hares, goats, and pigs.

Hunting in Waimate

Wild and trophy game

Waimate district is a hunters’ paradise, with access to small and large game throughout the year.

Bennetts Wallabies were released into Waimate District in 1874. Their numbers exploded, and they are a listed pest because of the damage they do to native vegetation.

New Zealand has the only legal hunting opportunity for these wallabies, mainly in the Waimate District. Guided and game trophy hunting is available from Waimate-based guides.

Hunting country is steep - although helicopter shoots can be arranged if you want to fast-track your hunting experience. The options are four wheels, two legs, or in the air - it’s up to you.

The district is also popular for duck shooting (three months of the year), and private game bird shoots.


Hunting on public land

Public conservation land in and around The Hunters Hills/Te Tari a Te Kaumira is open for recreational hunting, with a permit.

There are big numbers of wallabies throughout the area.

Other game, in lesser numbers, are goat, pig, red deer, fallow deer, tahr and chamois.

Hunters require a hunting permit, available along with additional information below.


Lake Wainono and Wainono Wetlands

Lake Wainono, 10 kms east of Waimate is a Conservation Area managed by the Department of Conservation (DOC).

Hunting is permitted and a permit to carry a firearm is required.

This can be obtained free of charge from the DOC Raukapuka Field Centre in Geraldine, phone 03 693 1010.


Kaumira/Mount Nimrod

Challenging terrain, home to wallabies, and the occasional chamois, deer, pig, and tahr.


Kelceys Bush

Hunting is open all year, with a permit.

Home to wallabies and the occasional goat and pig.


Mount Studholme/Kaiwarua

This block is in the Hunters Hills 15 km northwest of Waimate.

Species to hunt here are wallabies, pigs, and the occasional chamois, deer and tahr.


North Waihao

Situated beside the north branch of the Waihao River about 20 km inland from Waimate, this is a stunning area of native bush and some forestry.

Game includes wallabies, a few wild goats, and the occasional pig and deer.

Private shoots and hunting guides


Waituna Game Bird Shooting

The Waituna pheasant shoot is a family owned and operated pheasant shoot just outside Waimate, one of only two in the South Island.  

Waituna offers driven days for groups of up to seven people, or walked up days for four people. Both include a full day of pheasant hunting.

Contact: Tom Wilson
P.  021 079 9540


Guided trophy hunting - Horn and Antler

New Zealand Horn and Antler Safaris offers guided hunts in the spectacular environment around Waimate District and into the Southern Alps.

Many hunts are carried out on their private hunt block, 30 minutes from Waimate. This block is a natural landscape of mountain ranges, valleys and streams. It's covered in mountainous scrub and bush but also has good driving tracks.

Contact:  Craig Dempster
P.  03 689 1377